Tory Island, Bunbeg. Donegal in all its glory. Nuintir na Mara Sundays TG4 9:30


Muintir na Mara Episode 5

In this series Pádraig Ó Duinnín, a boat builder from Cork. travels by boat, bicycle and van around the stunning coast of Donegal.This week Pádraig goes from Bunbeg to Tory and stops off along the way at Bloody Foreland to take in the magnificant views and reflect on his journey so far.

At the start of the prgramme, he arrives at a boat shed and meets Eddie Mac Aoidh and Owenie Diver who are re-skinning a currach. The currach has sentimental value for Eddie, as it was his dad’s; he also brought the teacher across to the island on it when he was young, as the teacher came over for the first time. Pádraig and the two men talk about the boats and what makes them unique and just as Pádraig is about to leave Owen ask if he can come out in the currach with him. So, on a wet and blustery day, they set out from Bunbeg pier.Next up for Pádraig is a bit of space to reflect on his journey so far ans he stops to spend a little time at Bloody Foreland, a most magnificent place jutting out to sea. is so called because the sun, particularly at evening, lights up the rocks to a reddish hue.. The views from here of Árainn Mór, Gabhla to Tory Island and Horn Head and the play of light on coast, on water and the wild beauty of the place make it a wonderful spot for Pádraig to rest.

After this, he moves on to the currach races at Magheroarty and chats with Joanne Ní Bhaoill and Annette Diver, who tell him about their love of the currachs and the racing and what they have achieved since taking it up as a sport. Then, it’s over to Inisboffin where he meets up with John O’Brien and Maurice Coll. They chat about the island and fishermans’ rights and what needs to be done now to protect them and their livelihoods. Finally, he takes the ferry to Tory and has a cycle around the island, looking for the very particular boats associated with the island. He meets Bobby Doohan at the slip and after they chat for a while about Bobby’s life and adventures at sea, they head out in Bobby’s boat for a row around.