BlakeLand – William Blake and Thomas Paine

Press Announcement “Blakeland – William Blake and Thomas Paine”

A New Film By Film Director  Sé Merry Doyle, Featuring Poet / Psychogeographer  Niall McDevitt.

A Premiere Screening Presented by The Portobello Film Festival – 2022Sunday September 11th  – 6pm – Entry FreeOn the September 11th, the acclaimed Documentary Film Director Sé Merry Doyle will present his latest film ‘Blakeland – William Blake and Thomas Paine’ at this years’ Portobello Film Festival, London.

This is the first in five films based on William Blake walks, undertaken by Poet/ Psychogeographer, Niall McDevitt. The other four walks are based on Swedenborg, Bedlam, the River Tyburn and the painter Francis Bacon.In this first film Niall McDevitt takes a deep dive into Albion’s greatest visionary William Blake (1757 – 1827), described by Peter Ackroyd as ‘the most powerful, most significant philosopher or thinker in the course of English history’.

“There’s no better way to discover Blake than to walk the streets that he lived, studied, worked and died in: streets that the poet wrote and painted into his mystical works. There can be few better guides to William Blake’s world than the wild, exuberant and sage Irish poet Niall McDevitt; truly, McDevitt is one of the great Blakean’s of our age”.   Peter Ackroyd



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