A proposal for a statue of Leopold Bloom

James Joyce’s character Leopold Bloom is perhaps the most famous international figure in literature and we are proposing that there should be a statue of him placed on the pedestrian street, Duke Street in Dublin , which features in Ulysses or another appropriate site. Loopline made a short video with Ireland’s most well known international sculptor John Behan when he came to the Duke Street Gallery Dublin for Bloomsday and outlined his idea for his own personal creation of a Leopold Bloom statue.

In Ulysses the reader becomes familiar with Bloom’s tolerant, humanistic outlook, his penchant and his abhorrence of violence. In these contentious times of arguments on racist statues, Leopold Bloom would be a perfect figure that the world could admire.

The metaphor of the journeys, the image of the boat and tree, the image of the warrior and the Trojan horse, these do not belong simply and singularly to the individual mind but are the possessions of the species …. The traveller going from east to west, Icaruus rising and Icarus falling, the sailor setting forth on the ocean, these figures are primarily ones of the human imagination. Seamus Heaney on John Behan

We have now set up a petition for this to happen and so if you like the idea please sign and share with your friends.

Sign the petition at

Contact se@loopline,com for for more info.

Vimeo plus some works by John Behan

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