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Kathleen Lynn – The Rebel Doctor film screening

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P9030101The acclaimed documentary ‘Kathleen Lynn – the Rebel Doctor’ will screen as part of the RCPI  Heritage Week on the 22- and 25th August at 12 Noon. Screening are free and can be booked here at RCPI. The director Sé Merry Doyle will introduce both screening. Ingrid Craigie plays the part of Kathleen Lynn and there are interviews with her working colleague Doctor Barbara Stokes  and her biographer Margaret Ó hÓgartaigh.  For more info on the film

Ireland’s most controversial sculptor gets special screening on TG4

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John Henry Foley – Sculptor of the Empire gets a special screening on TG4 31st July 23:15. Here is a wonderful clip showing how Foley created the Daniel O’Connell Monument in Dublin in 1866 but went on to feel the wrath of Republicans went he took on the commission to sculpt Prince Albert in London as a special favor to Queen Victoria.


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