Lament for Patrick Ireland

A documentary film on the life and death of the artist Patrick Ireland/Brian O’Doherty.

On 20 May 2008, after 36 years of making art as Patrick Ireland, Brian O’Doherty reclaimed his birth name with the burial of his alter ego in the grounds of IMMA. The burial was a gesture of reconciliation to celebrate the restoration of peace in Northern Ireland, just as his action in assuming the name Patrick Ireland was a protest at the British military presence in Northern Ireland and the failure of the authorities to ensure civil rights for all.

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Lament for Patrick Ireland screens at Viewfinders Film Festival Co, Clare

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Sé Merry Doyle’s documentary ‘Lament for Patrick Ireland’ records one of the most political gestures ever undertaken by an Irish artist. On the 20th May 2008 a most extraordinary event took place in Dublin. An eighty year old artist called Brian O’ Doherty came back from New York, where he has been living for the last 50 years, to kill off his alter ego, Patrick Ireland.


An effigy was made of Patrick Ireland and he was then buried  in the grounds of the Irish Museum of Modern Art in a ceremony attended by over  five hundred people.

It was a hugely resonant and emotional happening as Patrick Ireland had been created over 35 years before as a symbolic gesture of protest after the events of ‘Bloody Sunday’ in Derry when the British Military murdered thirteen unarmed  people during a peaceful march for Civil Rights. At that time Brian O Doherty vowed that he would stay in the character of Patrick Ireland for as long as it took for the British Army to leave Ireland and for Civil Rights to be ensured for all.

The film will view as part of the VIEWFINDERS FILM FESTIVAL on the 31st of March in Ballyvaughan County Clare. The film was fully funded by the Irish Film board.

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We are delighted to have Sé Merry Doyle’s documentary “Lament for Patrick Ireland” screening in Cork at the Lewis Glucksman Gallery UCC throughout May and June. The film was a huge hit when it had its world premiere at the IFI  in association with IMMA. Click HERE for screening dates and times at the Glucksman. You can watch the trailer and spread the word.  Its good for you and its FREE.


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