Jimmy Murakami – Non-Alien

Jimmy T. Murakami is a world-renowned Oscar nominated animator whose credits include ‘When the Wind Blows’ and ‘The Snowman’ but there is one dark chapter in his life that he has not revealed until recently. During WW2, Japanese-American citizens like Jimmy and his family were evacuated to a concentration camp in the California desert. The term “Non Alien” refers to the status the Japanese American people were given at that time. They were neither Citizen nor Alien. This film takes you on an extraordinary journey with Jimmy, from his adopted country Ireland, through his Hollywood career, climaxing with his return to camp to confront his childhood demons and his still present anger with the American government that put him there.

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The weather is getting better, the evenings are getting longer and the Loopliners are really looking forward to the Dingle Film Festival this year. It’s sure to be a great event not only because it is falling on St Patrick’s weekend but also because Loopline Film have two feature documentaries in this year’s line up.

We are delighted to have Jimmy Murakami join us for a another festival screening of “Jimmy Murakami Non- Alien” on the 18th of March and if you missed the chance to see “Dreaming The Quiet Man” in Cork last November don’t let it pass you by this 19th of March. It was such a success in Cork that Maureen O’Hara has decided to join us again.

So get your tickets and come on down to Dingle and if someone asks would you like water with your whiskey you can answer them in the words of Michaleen Flynn…

“When I drink whiskey, I drink whiskey and when I drink water, I drink water.”

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Get your tickets for Murakami at the Foyle Film Festival

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Jimmy Murakami Non-Alien will be screened at the Foyle Film Festival this Friday 26th November. Sé Merry Doyle and Jimmy Murakami will attend the screening. See you there!!

7pm The Nerve Centre Cinema 1

Jimmy Murakami on RTÉ on 1st May

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Jimmy Murakami

Everybody tune in to The Craig Doyle Show on Friday 1st of May to catch Jimmy Murakami speak about his life, work and Loopline Film’s documentary Jimmy Murakami – Non-Alien.