Jimmy Murakami – Non-Alien

Jimmy T. Murakami is a world-renowned Oscar nominated animator whose credits include ‘When the Wind Blows’ and ‘The Snowman’ but there is one dark chapter in his life that he has not revealed until recently. During WW2, Japanese-American citizens like Jimmy and his family were evacuated to a concentration camp in the California desert. The term “Non Alien” refers to the status the Japanese American people were given at that time. They were neither Citizen nor Alien. This film takes you on an extraordinary journey with Jimmy, from his adopted country Ireland, through his Hollywood career, climaxing with his return to camp to confront his childhood demons and his still present anger with the American government that put him there.

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Turin Film Festival honors Jimmy Murakami

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Starting on the 15th December the wonderful Sottodiciotto Film Festival  in Turin is honouring the career of the Oscar nominated Japanese American Animator, Jimmy Murakami, with a dedicated retrospective of his life’s work.  Also showing is Sé Merry Doyle’s  documentary “Jimmy Murakami – Non Alien” which tells the story of Jimmy’s incarceration alongside 40,000 Japanese Americans in concentration camps after Japan attacked Pearl  Harbor . Jimmy is in very exalted company as Turin are also having retrospectives on Alan Parker “The Comittments”, Jaco Von Dormael, “Toto the Hero”, Marco Risi, “Maradona, the Hand of God“, Delphine Gleize “Carnage”, and Andrea Segre, “The Green Blod”. Among the films to be screened from Jimmy’s amazing catalogue are his evergreen “Snowman”, his apocalyptic nuclear war film ‘”When the Wind Blows”, Charles Dickens, “A Christmas Carol” plus his groundbreaking experimental works: “Breath”, “The Magic Pear Tree”, and “The Good Friend”.  Jimmy who has been based in Ireland for the last forty years is delighted that Turin is honouring him with such a vast retrospective. Is it not time that Ireland followed suit as most filmmakers here would acknowledge Jimmy’s contribution in kick-starting the Irish Film Industry?

New York screens ‘Jimmy Murkami – Non Alien’

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The New York International Film Festival screens Sé Merry Doyle’s film,  ‘Jimmy Murakami – Non Alien’ on the 23rd November at 1pm  in the Quad Cinema New York.

In this award winning feature documentary, the famous animator of ‘Snowman’ and ‘When the Wind Blows’ makes a pilgrimage back to Tule Lake Concentration Camp, where  alongside his family, he was interned for four years after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. The film has had several prestige screening worldwide and won the ‘Director’s Choice Award’ at the Sacramento International Film Festival.

Washington DC hosts ‘Jimmy Murakami – Non Alien’

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‘Jimmy Murakami – Non Alien’ screens at the Washington DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival on the 9th October. In this award winning feature documentary, the famous animator makes a pilgrimage back to Tule Lake Concentration Camp, where he was interned alongside his family for four years after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.

Irish Documentary wins ‘Directors Choice Award’ at Sacramento Film Festival

Project: Jimmy Murakami - Non-Alien

Loopline Film are pleased to announce that Sé Merry Doyle’s documentary ‘Jimmy – Murakami  – Non Alien’ not only  opened  the International Sacramento Film and Music Festival on the 17th August but went on to win the Directors Choice Award. This was a special screening  for Jimmy as it was from Sacramento that he and his family started  their  journey to the Japanese POW Concentration camp in Tule Lake California. The documentary is a harrowing tale of the internationally acclaimed director of films like ‘The Snowman’ and ‘When the Wind Blows’ who returns to Tule Lake and confronts an episode in his life that scarred him forever.
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