Muintir na Mara

The fifth series of Muintir na Mara, produced by Loopline Film, is due to return to our screens on TG4 in the early New Year. The series, directed by Martina Durac, is presented by Pádraig Ó Duinnín, who continues on his voyage around the coast of Ireland over land and sea, in a currach, on a bicycle and in a van – this time embarking on a journey along the majestic coastline of Mayo and Sligo.

The soaring cliffs, beautiful beaches and wind-beaten islands provide a rich trail for Pádraig, a natural adventurer and boat-builder in his own right, as he makes his way from Silverstrand in Mayo to the island of Inishmurray off the coast of Sligo. Along the way he stops off at the harbours, quays, ports, towns and meets with the local people, Muintir na Mara.

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Here’s the intro to last year’s series in beautiful Galway.

Muintir na Mara Galway

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Muin boatThis weeks episode of Muintir na Mara sees Pádraig Ó’ Duinnn continue his journey of the Galway coast.  RTE 28th July 10:30 am. Pádraig visits  Brian Ó Carra who shows him the traces of the recently discovered ‘drowned bog’ on the beach in Bearna. Brian  shows Pádraig where they discovered evidence of fresh water lakes and bog under the sand. Most exciting was the day  they  dug up an ancient canoe. Padraig then travels to what was an abandoned 17th century village near  Spiddal that has been transformed into a cultural retreat by Dearbhaill Standún and her husband Charlie Troy. Concsuain has won an intetrnational award for its uniqueness in fostering traditional Conamara traditions. We later meet Jim Horgan who set up Bádóirí Lurgan who as well as running the community boatclub also  teach the art of the shipwright to young people. Members learn  how to sail and how to build their own boats. Padraig finishes this episode when he travels to Lochan Beag to meet Noel Ó Tuairisc who spent his life on large fishing vessels but now has a veritable museum and one of the most interesting collection of sea shells you will ever see.

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Muintir na Mara returns on RTE 1

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muintir high resjpgOn Sunday 20th July on RTE 1 at 10:25 am you will

get another chance to see Muintir na Mara. The RTE

run begins in Galway where Pådraig O Dunnin

visits a Banjo maker in Clarinbridge, the King

of the Claddagh, and is given a tour of the Celtic

Explorer that reveals great stories about our coral seabeds.

Journey’s End for Muintir na Mara

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Muintir na Mara Final episode Sunday 29th April 9:30 PM

Pádraig O Duinnín’s journey began in Cork six series ago. Tonight we see him complete his odyssey in Donegal. In this final episode Pádraig goes to Downings Micheál Ó Dochartaigh st the seaside village currach club.  He takes danger in his stride as he rows in his Naomhóg around the notoriously windy Malin Head.

He ends his journey with a well deserved rest at the Culmore regatta on the Derry border. The series was funded by RTE for TG4 and although it was regularly in the top ten rating, the cut backs in RTE meant it had to leave the airwaves. Loopline Film would like to thank all those who watched and in particular we hope that Pádraig will find a new vehicle that will bring him back to our screens in the future. Thank you Pádraig for bringing us on an unforgettable journey.

Muintir na Mara Donegal

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Muintir Currach

Muintir na Mara Sunday 9:30 TG4


In this final series Pádraig Ó Duinnín, a boat builder from Cork. travels by boat, bicycle and van around the stunning coast of Donegal.

This week Pádraig watches the All Ireland semi final in Leitir Mac an Bhaird. travels by boat to Inis Caorach and Arann Mór and finishes this leg of his journey in Bunbeg.

The start of the programme sees Pádraig  arrive into Leitir Mac an Bhaird just as the All Ireland football semi-final between Dublin and Donegal is about to kick off. He finds the community gathered in the local pub, from kids to granddads, cheering on the county team. He meets with Sarah Ní Lochlainn and Thomas Monds and finds out about what it is that makes this part of the world a special place for them.

After the disappointing defeat at the hands of the Dublon team, Pádraig rows out to Inis Caorach with Hugh Gallagher. Hugh was born in Inis Caorach, which is now deserted. There are 4 restored houses on the island now; his son is building one of them. The island was deserted between 1949 and 1952. There was an old pier there that was washed away, heavy emigration, and the lack of men to man the boats led to the island being deserted. There was a new pier built 4 years ago, so it’s much more accessible now. Hugh is a boat builder also and built a 28ft wooden boat which is in his yard, He tells Pádraig stories about the island and its history and people.

Then it’s onto Arann Mór with Pádraig to meet up with RNLI volunteer Nora Flannagan. Nora is full of life, great fun and craic in her. She works in the Health Care Centre on Arann Mór,. She is the first women crew member in the 127 years of the RNLI on Aranmore. The RNLI was established on Aranmore in 1883 with moneys donated by Rev. Vendalure of Merrion Sq Dublin. This first lifeboat was named in his honor. It was a rowing and sailboat. They have a Severn lifeboat now, named Myrtle Maud. There are 21 crew, 2 fulltime and 19 volunteers. Nora shows Pádraig around the lifeboat station and he gets to see a training exercise with the lifeboat and helicopter in action.

Pádraig arrives into Bunbeg to complete this leg of his journey and meets with master boat builder Jim Boyd and artist, writer and boat builder, Donal Mac Polin who has a wealth of knowledge about curraghs in Donegal and has written extensively about them. Jim has built many boats over the years and out in his shed at the back of his house, he shows Pádraig around and tells him stories of the boats and the journeys he has taken in them.